Momiji Red

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Momiji Red

Momiji Red Momiji Red Momiji Red
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Kokeshi "Momiji red" made by Yuichi Miyagawa
The kokeshi will finish to selling when it is out of stock.

The doll is kokeshi that is one of Japanese traditional handcrafts in Tohoku area.Why the doll attract us?
It might be Simplicity,high skills for making,or warmly atmosphere.The red kimono is carved three maples that is green, yellow and oreanges gradation.Maples are like a picture on canvas.

Craftman creatived it by their skills and historical background.

Made in Japan

Products Momiji Red
Size H13.2 * W7.5 * D7.5㎝
Code A810010
3,780 JPY
≒ 34 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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