Bamboo Bookmark Owl

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Bamboo Bookmark Owl

Bamboo Bookmark  OwlBamboo Bookmark  Owl
Bamboo Bookmark  Owl sample1
Bamboo Bookmark  Owl sample2

This is bamboo bookmark of owls. There are a brown owl, a white owl, and a green owl. It is say that owl bring happiness. If you put the bookmark between the pages, you might get happiness.

*We are sorry what you cannot chose the color of cord because there are many cord's color of the bookmark. Also,you might feel owl's painting is a little bit different depend on bookmark.

Products Bamboo Bookmark Owl
Size W2.5 x H19 ㎝
Code B999944
325 JPY
≒ 2 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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