Mask Otafuku (L)no.3

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Mask Otafuku (L)no.3

Mask Otafuku (L)no.3
Mask Otafuku (L)no.3 sample1

The mask is named "Okame". It's made of ceramic.
These masks were imitated Kyogen or Noh's masks and they have been selling since Edo period. The doll's color is very beautiful white. The facial expression is kind and soft. The plump cheeks and atmosphere makes us relax.
*there is smaller one in our website, please check it.

Material/Ceramic  Made in Japan

Mask Otafuku (S)

Products Mask Otafuku (L)no.3
Size H9 * W7.5 * D2.5㎝
Code A580010ot
1,512 JPY
Nowadays few stock. Please ask us if you have interest.

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