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This Japanese doll is Maiko bring a coarse oilpaper umbrella. The doll's brand is KOZAN. Maiko is are professional entertainers who attend guests during meals, banquets and other occasions. They are trained in various traditional Japanese arts, such as dance and music, as well as in the art of communication. This Kimono's pattern is Turtle Shell which is typical and classical Japanese traditional.


Made in Japan

Doll's brand : KOZAN


We can prepar glass case for Japnese doll  which frame is made of wood.  The gold back of  the glass case makes doll more atrractive. Also, you can protect your dolls to avoid dirty.


Products Maiko
Size W15 x D12 x H32 cm
Code A550000
13,200 JPY
≒ 120 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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