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Hina Doll

Hina Doll Hina Doll Hina Doll
Hina Doll sample1
Hina Doll sample2
Hina Doll sample3

Hina doll on the red sheet.
It is pretty size. We recommend it for gifts.

Female Hina and Male Hina which means Emperor and Empress sit on 2nd line.
Sannin-kanjo which means three court ladies sit on 1st line.

We decorate it during Hina matsuri that is Japanese festival for girls on 3rd March.Real hina doll is big. Also we take a time to decorate it. So if you have it, we will decorate it soon and we enjoy Hinamatsuri easily!

*We are sorry. There are no box. It put it in transfer Plastic bag.

Made in Japan

Products Hina Doll
Size H1.8 * W5 * D5㎝
Weight 10g
1,870 JPY
≒ 17 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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