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Hina Doll

Hina Doll Hina Doll Hina Doll
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Warabe hina is ceramic doll made in Kyoto.
Hina doll is decorated 3rd March for girls day.
It is hand crafts in famous ceramic Kyoto factry for dolls.
Warabe hina means Kid's Hina so faces are lovely.The ceramic is baked in a kiln by low temperature so Kyoto ceramic dolls are white ceramic is white and matt texture.Kimono, clothes are painted softs colors. The patter is pretty.

Made in Japan

Products Hina Doll
Size H7 * W18 * D9㎝
Code A460730
5,060 JPY
≒ 46 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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