Hina Doll (S)

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Hina Doll (S)

Hina Doll (S)Hina Doll (S) Hina Doll (S)
Hina Doll (S) sample1
Hina Doll (S) sample2
Hina Doll (S) sample3

The doll is Japanese hina doll. Hina Festival is culture that we celebrate for girls and hope their good health and growing well. The doll is standing type of Hina. We decorate it 3rd March.The doll is small but it makes carefully and very delicate.When we look it well,the small face and apparece is very lovely.

Made in Japan

Products Hina Doll (S)
Size W6.5 x D3 x H2 ㎝
Code A460020
1,404 JPY

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