Pretty Sakura hina Doll

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Pretty Sakura hina Doll

Pretty Sakura hina Doll
Pretty Sakura hina Doll sample1

Hinamatsuri is the day that we wish girl's growth with good health in Japan on 3rd March. It is say that hina dolls sacrifice itself for girls by sickness, injury, and disasters. We wish they grow up and be happy in their life.

We recommend to decorate it and wish that in this year. The purple and pink kimono's hina doll sitting on the stage. The back of flower arch is beautifull.TThere are tachibana and Sakura.

In these day, Young people live in cities so we don't need a lot of space to decorate Hina dolls at home but we can decorate it easily and we don't need many spaces. We can decorate it at Japnese style room andWestern-style room.

Made in Japan

Products Pretty Sakura hina Doll
Size H18 * W28.5 * D19.5㎝
Code A1-811
16,500 JPY
≒ 150 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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