Kabuki Mask Fox

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Kabuki Mask Fox

Kabuki Mask Fox Kabuki Mask Fox
Kabuki Mask Fox sample1
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Fox mask is popular in Japan. The ceramic mask is for Kabuki.
It is easy to recorate it anywhere.It is traditional style.It has cool eyes and mouth.Fox is one of gods to protect making rice for famers. They know that foxes catch rats that are eating rice plant. They pay fox for god. Also it is say that fox is one of gods in forest in ancient in Japan. Nowadays, Young people in Japan and people in the world like Japanese fox style because some people like animation and they notice attractiveness of traditional style.


Products Kabuki Mask Fox
Size H18.7 * W12.5 * D8.2㎝
Weight 360g
Code AS02-49
1,980 JPY
≒ 18 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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