Seven Fortune God

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Seven Fortune God

Seven Fortune God Seven Fortune God
Seven Fortune God sample1
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This is super tiny seven fortune god which made of ceramic. The price of each doll is 262 JPY. You can choose it you like.

He’s wearing ancient hat and holding a fishing rod and red Sea Bream. He is god of sea, fisher or merchants.

His appearance is wearing hood, having a big white bag and lucky mallet. We can see that he’s sitting on straw ricebags. So we believe that he is god of food ,wealth, commerce and trade.

The special feature of god is wearing armor, holding spear in his right hand and orb on his left hand. He is god of warriors. Also, he call “Tamonten” because he is intelligent person. It’s said that the god protect treasures.

She is only god of women in seven gods which wearing a robe of feathers, have a biwa(Japanese instrument). It is said that she supply water for fields of rice and other cropsfarmsthe fields in Sinto. She has talent about music and talking so she is god of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music.

The god is very old age. In this reason, it is said that he give us happiness, wealth and longevity.

The god has the elixir of life which people don’t become old and get eternal life so he is god of longevity.

The special feature of god is well‐rounded body and having big white bag. Therefore, he is the fat and happy god of abundance and good health.

Products Seven Fortune God
Size W1.5 x D1.5 x H2 ㎝ (each)
Code A963029
275 JPY
≒ 2 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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