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Super Tiny Frog

Super Tiny FrogSuper Tiny FrogSuper Tiny Frog
Super Tiny Frog sample1
Super Tiny Frog sample2
Super Tiny Frog sample3

The pronunciation of a frog in Japanese is KA-E-LOO, which means returning to home.So Japanese people often give their dear persons the frog ornaments hoping they get home all right.

There are 7 colors of the small cat. The price of each doll is 157 JPY. You can choose it you like.

The means of color:
blue - peaceful,
light pink - love,
yellow - inviting money,
red - protect from harm,
green - good health,
silver - proterct from harm,
gold - inviting money.

the shown size is for one peace material:ceramic

Products Super Tiny Frog
Size W1 x D1 x H1 cm
Code A960251
162 JPY

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