Fortune Lady (L)

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Fortune Lady (L)

Fortune Lady (L) Fortune Lady (L) Fortune Lady (L)
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This is ceramic fortune lady doll which is made in Japan. We call "Otafuku". It's the doll which symbol Japanese women. We believe that it’s inviting success of business and improve accomplishments.We can feel that elegant from eye brow, affection from lower eyelid, vitality from the corners of the eyes, conformable from nose, prettiness from dimple, and an abundance of happiness from its expression. The doll has soft expression.

*The color of cushion is sometimes changeable,sorry about that.
*We also have S and M size of the one,please check our website.

Original Title/Ofuku-san


Products Fortune Lady (L)
Size H17 * W16.5 * D16.5cm
Code A750050
4,968 JPY

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