Seven Fortune Gods(XL)

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Seven Fortune Gods(XL)

Seven Fortune Gods(XL)Seven Fortune Gods(XL)
Seven Fortune Gods(XL) sample1
Seven Fortune Gods(XL) sample2

This is XL size of seven fortune gods with black plate.
They stand in the line on the plate. If you decorate it, it bring us many happiness.

*We have the one of L,M,S,and XL,L without black plate.Please check our seven fortune gods of our website.

Ebisu: He is god of sea, fisher or merchants.
Daikokuten: He is god of food ,wealth, commerce and trade.
Bisyamonten: He is god of warriors.
Benzaiten: She is god of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music.
Fukurokujyu: He give us happiness, wealth and longevity.
Jyurojin: He is god of longevity.
Hotei: He is god of abundance and good health.

Material : Ceramic

Origin : Japan

Products Seven Fortune Gods(XL)
Size W33 x D5.5 x H7 cm
Code A460103
4,428 JPY

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