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Lucky Cat Gold

Lucky Cat Gold Lucky Cat Gold Lucky Cat Gold
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The bell lucky cat is round,hubby, and lovely.
It’s ceramic doll which is made in Japan.
It is very popular, especially people who visit in Kyoto.
This is an acceptable gift to everyone.
*The red cloth is included in this doll.

Traditional lucky cat is usually made by ceramic.Lucky cat is called "Maneki neko" in Japanese.It is said that the one which raising right hand means inviting money and the one which raising left hand means inviting people.

There are many colors such as white, black, gold, and red etc.The color also have deifferent meaning and fortune.
The gold one means inviting more money and the black means attack evils.

Made in Japan

Products Lucky Cat Gold
Size W6 * D5 * H4cm
Code A240191G
880 JPY
≒ 8 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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