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Kinmoji Kin

Kinmoji Kin Kinmoji Kin Kinmoji Kin
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The letter is 金 in Japanese Kanji.
It means Money and gold. Lucky cat is sleeping on the letter.
It is say that lucky cat bring money. It has a mallet that is good for money. It is say that many money come out of it, if mallet is sharked. Gold cloud means good fortune for money.It's a play on words in Japan. Red 大入 means pocket money.

Do you find ancient money in this letter? It is good luck items in Japan.

Check another letter of 福


Made in China

Products Kinmoji Kin
Size H9.5 * W12 * D7㎝
Code A18-269A
1,430 JPY
≒ 13 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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