Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)

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Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)

Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei) Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei) Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)
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Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei) sample2
Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei) sample3

Flower bells L hydrangea, made by Mr.Isao.
The bell is painted pink and light purple hydrangeas.
It is vivid colors. It is the bell that we belive it protect us. We recomemnd decorating it near front door in summer.
It is good for decorations.

The decorations makes Japnese people relaxed.
It makes our feeling and thinking wealthy during busy times.
If you decorate it at rooms,the atmosphere is change better.
Let's decorate dolls or bells for seasons.

Made in Japan


There are smaller size one,Bell Ajisai (L) (Gokarei)

Please check it too


Products Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)
Size H6.5 * W6.5 * D6.2㎝
Code 120432
550 JPY
≒ 5 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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