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Akikaze Akikaze Akikaze
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Kokeshi is traditional handcraft in Japan. It is high quality of wooden doll by Izumi.The paint is very beautiful because she is also professional Japanese style painting.She use pigment of Japanese style painting that is luxury.

The kokeshi puts chinese bellflower's accessory on the head and wears kimono that is dragon fly's pattern. We feel fall breeze in the evening.

white kimono with Kazuki that is a clothes on the head.It stands during snow season so we look that there are some snows in its kimono.It is elegant kimono style during winter.

The style is different compare with other kokeshi because of her good taste. Kokeshi has Japanese old cutluter but this one have modern.The face of kokeshi is not old type. It has tradition but it also makes us new freedom winds.

Made in Japan
Weight(with a package):240g

Products Akikaze
Code A202008
5,830 JPY
≒ 53 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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