Oriental Zodiac "Wild Boar"

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Oriental Zodiac "Wild Boar"

Oriental Zodiac   "Wild Boar"
Oriental Zodiac   "Wild Boar" sample1

Wild Boar is simbol of remarkable progress and bravery.
It have many baby so it's also simbol of keeping good health and prosperity of descendants.It is one of gods for Samurai to protect. It is say that it bring happiness and wealth.

Wild Boar is last zodiac for 12 years.
Enjoy decorating it in your room for happiness for 1 year.

It's one of popular dolls in our shop. Wild boar sit down on the cushion. It is easy to decorate anywhere in your home.
White one look like gads of wild boar.

 1,296JPY → 648JPY

Made in Japan

Products Oriental Zodiac "Wild Boar"
Size H5.5 * W8 * D8㎝
Code AR-44A
648 JPY
≒ 5 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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