Solor Powered Cat Red

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Solor Powered Cat Red

Solor Powered Cat Red Solor Powered Cat Red Solor Powered Cat Red
Solor Powered Cat Red sample1
Solor Powered Cat Red sample2
Solor Powered Cat Red sample3

This doll is one of popular item in our shop, we call them "Solar Powered Cat". Cat's tail is moved by Solar Powere. When you look the faical expression and tail, we can relax,and have peace of mind. We recommend you chose the cat you like and decorate it in your house.

It's made of Rayon. The material is Chirimen, is Japanese silk crepe. The cat's tail is sharking by Solar power.The cat's color express Feng Shui.The red color means protecting from harm.The body is put on four Leaf Clover.We recommend for gift.

The solar will have been moving forever if the parts doesn't break. If cat's tail doesn't work,please look whether the parts of solar is exposed sunlight or light. If solar panel is dirty,please wipe it off with waste cloth.
*If you dorp the cat, it's easy to break,please be carefull.

The cat is puting in transparent box. If you don't want to take out,and the light is exposed, tail can be moved.
*The cat is fixed in the box so it's not shaked.

Made in Japan

Products Solor Powered Cat Red
Size H13 * W9.5 * D16.5cm
Code A963046D
3,456 JPY

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