Mukashi-no Omocha

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Mukashi-no Omocha

Mukashi-no Omocha Mukashi-no Omocha Mukashi-no Omocha
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There are old toys on the red sheet.
They are lovely items.

1st line(from left to light):
Japanese pinwheel

Bush warbler whistle:
a whistle that is Bush warblers birdsong

Mask fox:fox is one of gods in Japan
Mask Tengu:Tengu has long nose monster.

2nd line:
Shishimai:The mask that people in Japan perform during new years celevration of traditional dance

Yukiusagi:make rabbit by snow,Leaves and fruits of Nandina domestica

Koma:Japanese traditional spinning top

Fukimodoshi:Party horn

3rd line:
Hariko Byattuko: White papered tiger
Hariko tora: Papered tiger
Daruma: Lucky statuette for talisman and making a wish
Kokeshi:Wooden toy that was born in Touhoku area.

*We are sorry. There are no box. It put it in transfer Plastic bag.

Made in Japan

Products Mukashi-no Omocha
Size H1.3 * W5 * D5㎝
Weight 15g
2,268 JPY

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