Oyako-Kame Red

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Oyako-Kame Red

Oyako-Kame Red Oyako-Kame Red Oyako-Kame Red
Oyako-Kame Red sample1
Oyako-Kame Red sample2
Oyako-Kame Red sample3

The lovely Oyako-Kame is made by chirimen fabric. The parents and child have a magnet so you can decorate it separately or together. The turtle is popular as good fortune. If you gift it, all most of people are overjoyed.
There are red, pink, and purple color.

The size is included the height of the child turtle on the parent turtle.

The doll has different pattern for each doll, we are sorry what you cannot choose it.

Made in Japan

Products Oyako-Kame Red
Size H4.5W8 * D6cm
Code A140008R
770 JPY
≒ 7 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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