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Seven Fortune Gods

Seven Fortune Gods Seven Fortune Gods Seven Fortune Gods
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Seven gods is usually human but the doll is monkey. The monkey seven god is lovely and unique.It is say that they bring hapiness. Seven fortune gods was born from Buddhist thought. The ceramic doll was made by Hakurei in Kyoto.

Ebisu: He is god of sea, fisher or merchants.
Daikokuten: He is god of food ,wealth, commerce and trade.
Bisyamonten: He is god of warriors.
Benzaiten: She is god of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music.
Fukurokujyu: He give us happiness, wealth and longevity.
Jyurojin: He is god of longevity.
Hotei: He is god of abundance and good health. 

Made in Japan

Products Seven Fortune Gods
Size H4.7 * W19.5 * D3.5㎝
Code A460829
2,750 JPY
≒ 25 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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