Kid's Samurai

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Kid's Samurai

Kid's Samurai Kid's Samurai Kid's Samurai
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It is a doll for boy on 5th May. We decorate it to hope children grow up well. The helmet and armor means protect myself and avoid sick, disaster, and accident for children.

Parents hope grow up strongly and gently for children. The doll is bank box. Width id 15cm and Height is just 14cm so it is easy to decorate it anywhere in your room.

The doll wear gorgeous helmet and Japanese fan. He is look like good health.

Made in China

Products Kid's Samurai
Size H14 * W15 * D12㎝
Code A960273
3,520 JPY
≒ 32 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)
Sorry. This item was sold out.

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