Solar Powered Dog (White)

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Solar Powered Dog (White)

Solar Powered Dog (White)Solar Powered Dog (White) Solar Powered Dog (White)
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We call them "Solar Powered dog". the dog's tail is moved by Solar Powere. When you look the faical expression and tail, we can relax,and have peace of mind.

The Solar Powered Dog is made of Japanese Chirimen. Chirimen is Japnese crape cloth.It's put on the small paper by hand carefully so it's good quarity. There are 2 type of Chirimen dog such as white and brown.The atmosphere is lovely and soft.

The solar have been moving for a long time,if the parts is dirty,please wipe it off with waste cloth.doesn't break. If it doesn't work,please look whether the parts of solar is exposed sunlight or light. If solar panel
*If you dorp the dog, it's easy to break,please be carefull.

Products Solar Powered Dog (White)
Size H14.5 * W8.5 * D8.5㎝
Code A963017W
3,780 JPY

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