Koinobori with Chimaki

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Koinobori with Chimaki

Koinobori with Chimaki
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It's Children's day on 5th May. We have a custome that is eating Chimaki or Kashiwa mochi and avoid hardship in Children's day. In Kanto erea, east of Japan, we eat Kashiwa-mochi that is white mochi inside Anko cover with a reaf.In
and Kansai erea, west of Japan,we eat Chimaki like the green one like the doll.

The doll look like real Chimaki in Kansai erea so we might try to eat it. We prefer to decotate it for season's doll.
The small black and red koinobori fly or climb around Chimak.
Trying to fly Koimonori to top of Chimaki is very lovery.
We feel it express what the children try to make effords to
achive thier objective.

Made in Japan

Products Koinobori with Chimaki
Size H28 * W7 * D7㎝
Code A2-302
1,944 JPY

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