We deliver japanese high quality crafts to the world We deliver japanese high quality crafts to the world We deliver japanese high quality crafts to the world

Wir verkaufen handgefertigte Puppen (Kokeshi Puppen, Gluckskatzen,etc.) Souvenirs aus Kyoto, japanische Geschenkartikel, etc. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.


 INF    KIYOMIZU shop on August / Open: 10am - 5pm 


Date: 9-16th Aug / 6 am - 6:30 pm , 14-16th Aug / 6:30 am - 9 pm

*The custom of the day, during which one day of prayer is equivalent to a thousand days’ worth of meritorious prayers, took root alongside the spread of the worship of Kannon.


Open our shop only weekend, Saturday and Sunday

 Time: 10 am - 5 pm

*might be open irregularly during a weekday, please call us if you need assistances. TEL:075-541-7321

 INF    KIYOMIZU shop - during  June

Open our shop only weekend, Saturday and Sunday

(13-14th,20-21st,27-28th June) Time: 10 am - 5 pm

 INF  Online shop during June

Contacting Time: 10am -4pm (time in Japan)

*might be open Irregularly during a weekday, please call us if you need assistances. TEL:075-541-7321

 INF    KIYOMIZU shop - since 13th April

Our store was closed since 13th. We don't know when we start.

We will infom you soon! We aplogize what we closed store.

*Online store is OPEN, please contact us if you need!!!!

 SPRING 2020  recommendations for the cherry blossom season

Kokeshi  A490251  / Kokeshi A490187 / Kokeshi A800065 / Kokeshi B403010 Kokeshi B403000 / Kokeshi A490200 / Kokeshi A401011 Yura Yura Doll / Daruma / Ceramic Doll Red /Ceramic Doll Blue/ Ceramic Doll yellow/ Hina doll /Keyring pink/ Keyring red/Keyring Green / Fan pink and green / Fan black / Papered ball / Hanabeni / Cream / Handcachief / Kokeshi A420020 /

NEW  Handcarchiefs

Check  cotton 100% Handcarchiefs are in stock.

We recommend making masks for yourself.

 INF    Illumination in KIYOMIZU temple / 27th March to 5th April,

6pm-9pm The shop in Kiyomizu is open by 9 pm 

Enjoy shopping and looking Sakura!


It is popular fox's mask in stock!, please check them.

Mask fox with Plate was in stock

Mask fox was in stock

Mask fox NO.3 and No.5 were in stock

 INF  National holiday  : 20th March, Online store is closed

*Kiyomizu shop is open. We are sorry about that.

Kokeshi Ume-emaki(S)Red (A490257R) was  in stock

Kokeshi Flowers of Happiness (XS) (A390013)  was  in stock

Koekshi Umemai (A490248) was  in stock

Owl Bell White (A240188) was  in stock

Daruma Ume (A400017 ) was  in stock

 INF  National holiday : 24th February, Online store is closed

*Kiyomizu shop is open. We are sorry about that.

 INF  National holiday : 11st February, Online store is closed

*Kiyomizu shop is open. We are sorry about that.

NEW /// Popular Keyring SAKURADOKI  Red, Pink, blue  440JPY for each

It's only webstore, Please check the URL on the below


INF // closed webstore 22nd -23rd

We are sorry. We will start contacting 24th. Kiyomizu shop is open

 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 !!!  Open  store and webstore !!!

 ~(⌒C・> ~(⌒C・> ~(⌒C・> ~(⌒C・> ~(⌒C・> ~(⌒C・>

Inf //  Webstore is CLOSED on 13rd Jauary (National holiday)

*Start contacting after 14th, we are sorry about that.

INF // CLOSE Webstore: 26th December - 5th January 2020 

* finish shiping by 27th December, start contacting 6th Jan 2020

CLOSE Kiyomizu shop: 31st December 2019

Open 10:00  - 18:30(1st Jan 2020 ), 9:30  - 18:30(2-3rd Jan) 

* start opening usually after 4th Jan

*** L’Artigiano in Fiera 2019 in MILANO 

Place/ Rho Fiera Milano, Date/30 Nov - 8th Dec,

Time/10am-10:30pm URL: https://artigianoinfiera.it/en/

🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Illumination in KIYOMIZU temple 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

Our shop is open by 9 pm during Illumination at night.

KIYOMIZU / Date: 16th November  - 1st December   Time: 6pm-9pm

🎃 Halloween dolls at KiYOMIZU SHOP 🎃

We sell Halloween dolls ! Please check them at our shop.

You can check Instagram in our company in Japanese.

Check it!!!!///////



Open / 9 am - 5 pm

*Please be carefull to come


11st-15th  Day off at office (on website) / start contacing 16th August

We are sorry to inconveniences. 

KIYOMIZU SHOP IS OPEN during 11st-15th Augst

     WELCOME TO OUR SHOP in Kiyomizu in KYOTO    

*Information Online shop and Office is closed

24th  in this noon (open only morning)

25th  all day

We are sorry to inconvenience during 24-25th on July

The start of the new Reiwa era 平成 令和 Shop is open during holiday, Please visit us!!!

Sell Reiwa items such as Charms,Key ring, Pen,  and a mechanical pencil at our store.

- Inform Spring holiday -   Webstore: 28-29th April, 3-6th May (Working 30th April, 1-2nd May, Start working after 7th)We are sorry to inconvinience.

- Kokeshi in stock -

Some kokeshi dolls are out of stock. We are sorry about truble.

If you need kokeshi, please contact us.

- Open  at shop -

Our shop is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

We finished Illumination in Kiyomizu temple, thank you for visiting.

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Illumination in KIYOMIZU temple🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Our shop is open by 9 pm during Illumination at night.

KIYOMIZU / Date: 29th March - 7th April   Time: 6pm-9pm

Enjoy looking cherry blossoms and shopping !!!

*:....:*:....:*  SPRING NEW ITEMS *:....:*:...:*

Lucky cat long hand for customer (A963119) was newly in stock.

Lucky cat long hand for money (A963120) was newly in stock.

Tarafuku lucky cat spoted (A963122)  was newly in stock.

Tarafuku lucky cat calico (A963121)  was newly in stock.


Wild Boar  (=^・(○○)・^=) //// 30% OFF //// 30% OFF ////

Thank you last year and we are welcome in this year.

Zodiac dolls in this year started discounting the price.

Meaning of wild boar: Bravery, Keep good health

Information Day off  14th January

for National holiday  at office (Emails from website)

start working 15th January, we are sorry to inconvenience. * Shop is open on 14th.

****** Information  Winter holiday *******

Online shop **   29th December to 6th January on 2019

 Start working quotaions during holiday after 7th January.

Kiyomizu shop *  Closed 31st December

                             Open 1st January  10:00am to 6:30pm

                             Open 2nd January  9:30am to 6:30pm

                             Open 3rd  January  9:30am to 6:30pm

                             *start working usual from 9:00am to 6:00pm

We are sorry to inconvenience during winter holiday.


<Information  Summer holiday>

11-15th August (Start contacting on website after 16th)

We are sorry to inconvenience. Our shop is open during Summer holiday.

Please come to our shop! We will wait you anytimes♪

<New Items (July 2018) >

"Kokeshi Kantsubaki(L)" was newly in stock !

"Kokesi Jyukou" was newly in stock ! 

"Kantdubaki(S)" was newly in stock !

<Japanese doressed dolls on Special sells>

We sell 3 dressed dolls for special price, 1303,1710A, and 178A!


Dolls that we decorate in Summer were in stock

Yurayura "Clover Jizo" was newly in stock !

Yurayura "Clover Dog" was newly in stock !

Yurayura "Clover Ladybug" was newly in stock !

Yurayura "Clover Pig" was newly in stock !

Kokeshi "Kokeshi Temari" was newly in stock !

*Inform Spring holiday*

The date /Day off : 29th-30th April and 3rd-6th May

(1-2nd on May is working at office. We start working on 7th May.)

Our shop in Kiyomizu is open from 9am-6pm everyday during holiday.

Kokeshi "Yukiusagi Purple and Bule" were newly in stock !

Many kind of ceramic lucky cats were newly in stock !  (11st April 2018)

We will have winter holidays during 28th December and 4th January.
Delivery work is impossible in these days.We will start contacting 5th January.

Keyring "Samurai" was newly in stock !  (14th November 2017)

Magnet "Ikkyu-san" was newly in stock !  (31st October 2017)

Ceramic doll "Ikkyu-san (S)" was added to the line-up !  (25th October 2017)

Neue Artikel

Kyo-Warabe Nagomi Red

Kyo-Warabe Nagomi Red

3,300 JPY
ART.NO :A460826R

Kyo-Warabe Nagomi Navy

Kyo-Warabe Nagomi Navy

3,300 JPY
ART.NO :A460826B

Jyocyu / Nanny, Maid

Jyocyu / Nanny, Maid

5,830 JPY
ART.NO :A202006

Himesama / Japanese Princess

Himesama / Japanese Princess

5,830 JPY
ART.NO :A202005

Ryofu / Cool breeze

Ryofu / Cool breeze

5,830 JPY
ART.NO :A202003

Kikumusume / Mum girl

Kikumusume / Mum girl

5,830 JPY
ART.NO :A202002

Chocho san / butterfly

Chocho san / butterfly

5,830 JPY
ART.NO :A202001

Charm Fortune Maiko

Charm Fortune Maiko

385 JPY
ART.NO :A492059PU

Silk Mask

Silk Mask

1,980 JPY

Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)

Bell Ajisai (S) (Gokarei)

550 JPY
ART.NO :120432

Bell Ajisai (L) (Gokarei)

Bell Ajisai (L) (Gokarei)

2,200 JPY
ART.NO :120431

Temari white cat

Temari white cat

1,980 JPY