Hime-Daruma 4

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Hime-Daruma 4

Hime-Daruma 4 Hime-Daruma 4 Hime-Daruma 4
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It is say that Hime Daruma express Jingu who is first empress in Japan. She went on military expedition. When she came by Dogo spring which is famous oldest spring in Japan, the doll enshrined as god and start to make it. Red daruma is Empress Jingu and black one express appearance that she fight gallantly.According to the story, the doll is symbol that growth and happiness in Japan for a long time ago. People in Japan give it for wedding, birthday, and housewarming. It is say that it brings happiness.

You can look smaller one, No.05, please check it too.

Made in Japan

Products Hime-Daruma 4
Size H10 * W8 * D8㎝
Code A100011
3,240 JPY
≒ 29 USD
(in case of 1 USD = 110 JPY)

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